“Perhaps we’ll meet again when we’re better for each other.” — Ten Word Poem #6  (via rumour)

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1989 pre-releases

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when i get rich my mom gettin paid first thing

'Welcome to New York' by taylorswift will be available on @itunesmusic Monday night at around 11:59pm EST

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I don’t believe you. I know that a part of you misses this place. These people, your friends. I know that being back here reminds you how much we need you. How much.. I need you. But if I’m wrong then go ahead, just go, start over. But, God, if I’m right. If just a little part of you came back to check on Elena, who’s had an unbearable four months, or Alaric who just came back from the dead, or.. me. If even a small, little part of you came back to check on me then.. stay.

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200 Episodes, 10 Years, 2 Dorks

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